CEO : Jonathan Handler ( Los Angeles, CA )
Product Design Advisory: Tolga Onuk


Application Concept :

With YINC, You’re IN Control: A New Way To Hire And Trust Vendors Online

Leveraging Blockchain Technology to revolutionize the way Consumers and Real Estate managers hire vendors and trust reviews online. Get competitive pricing with authentic, tamper-proof reviews and direct vendor Referencers, powered by Blockchain technology.

YINC’s unique reverse bidding process creates a ‘competitive urgency’ amongst the vendors when bidding, giving the consumers more timely responses with competitive pricing. Reviews on YINC are tied to completed and paid for jobs, and are then stored on the blockchain so that they cannot be tampered with or altered by anyone, not even YINC. Consumers have the ability to contact a Referencer, someone who has previously worked with the vendor, in order to make more informed decision on who they choose to hire. On YINC, vendors have to put their work where their mouth is, as they will only get more jobs based on the quality of their work, not by paying to manipulate the system.

Property owners and managers have service needs just like consumers do, but on a much larger scale. They have portfolios with many properties and tenants that require constant maintenance and construction jobs as well as odd jobs. Most firms spend a lot more time managing their tenants jobs then they need to and they tend to overpay by using the same vendors they always hire due to a lack of trust with online reviews.

YINC commercial was strategically designed alongside YINC’s partners, who own and manage multi-billion dollar real estate portfolios in the US and abroad, to work in tandem with the systems they currently use. These partners have tens of thousands of tenants, and have already committed to using the platform for all of their properties.

Designed by Tolga Onuk:
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