Start Your Night

Start Your Night (SYN)

Founder: Rich Marshall ( Los Angeles, CA )

MVP Launch: January 2015

SYN has partnered with the most popular night club venues in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City in order to offer a cashless nightlife experience via the SYN ( Start Your Night ) iOS Application.


Application Concept : 

SYN is an app for nightlife. Users will be able to see detailed information of nightclub venues in their area. Using the SYN app, users can reserve a table and order drinks in advance. SYN users may also order drinks from the app, while in the venue. Using a credit card stored in the app, SYN opens up a tab for the night and all drinks ordered in real-time will be added to the tab.

For club owners, SYN is a way to track the revenue stream, the performance of their staff and the demographics of the guests. Club owners may also run promotions through SYN.

Built by Thunderbolt :


Technology Used :


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