Founder: Anthony Gerson ( Los Angeles, CA )

MVP Launch: September 2015

Propicks is currently inactive due to changes in Fantasy Sports Betting Regulations.



Application Concept : 

Fantasy Sports with real-time betting. 

You probably heard about tons of fantasy sports applications but how many of them can make you rich? Propicks allows you to bet against others by picking your favorite athletes. If you know better than others, you make $$$.

Propicks is a new way of playing fantasy sports. Forget the salary draft you know, our game of skill truly puts the users sports knowledge to the test and lets them play the way they want to. Our game-changing format and easy to understand interface allows both the newest of users as well as the toughest of grinders to get in on the action.

Propicks Teaser Animation :

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Technology Used:



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*Propicks team is not running contests for the current NFL season.

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