CEO : Joe Famalette ( Los Angeles, CA )

LiveRaise is a privately funded Live-Streaming Startup. The company is based in Manhattan Beach,CA and the application has 1.2M users globally.


    The Application :


    Perform. Talk. Entertain. Inform. LiveRaise.

    The first version of the LiveRaise was an MVP application and it was limited to allow users to only Live-Stream. Thunderbolt, designed and managed the development of V2.0 of LiveRaise iOS, Web and Android applications.

    V2.0 version of LiveRaise represents the actual purpose of LiveRaise’s brand & identity. With the new modern design and with the addition of the new core functionalities, the users are now able to purchase “LiveCoins” and donate these virtual coins to the live-streamers.

    LiveRaise team has partnered with known Youtube influencers from all around the world and the platform has gained popularity very quickly. With more than 1.2M users, it is now one of the most commonly used live-streaming applications in the AppStore.

    Thunderbolt and Tolga Onuk redesigned LiveRaise and managed the development of LiveRaise 2.0 iOS, web and Android software applications.

    Designed by Tolga Onuk :





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