CEO : David Johnson ( Los Angeles, CA )
MVP Launch : July 2014

Grassp has received $1.5M private investments. Grassp is based in Los Angeles and it is California’s first legally approved medical cannabis delivery service. The company is operating both in California and in Arizona. Grassp has multiple medical cannabis dispensary partnerships.


Application Concept :


Medical Cannabis Delivered On-Demand. Grassp it.

Grassp: Cross Device Application
Grassp is a medical cannabis products delivery, logistics and analytics solution for dispensaries by providing an on-demand service to registered medical cannabis patients.

“We created Grassp to provide a safer, more convenient path between discerning patients and the highest quality medical cannabis products available. There’s no need to drive for it anymore, our on-demand technology gives qualified patients, doctors, and service providers the connectivity and accessibility they need, whenever they need it. As long as you have a doctor’s recommendation, our revolutionary cross device platform puts the power in your hands.” – David Johnson, CEO of Grassp

Thunderbolt built Grassp V1.0 and V2.0

Designed by Tolga Onuk & Built by Thunderbolt :

Current version of the application is different than the displayed designs


Technology Used :




Grassp banner

Grassp banner


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