Medical Cannabis Delivered On-Demand. Grassp it.

Grassp: Cross Device Application
Grassp is the only and the most advanced medical marijuana delivery application that is currently active and operational.

Thunderbolt built Grassp user app based on 1 simple goal: that we build the fastest online and mobile ordering platform with the best user experience. Grassp user application design and architecture both in web and android platforms allows users to complete an order and connect to a qualified service provider in less than 30 seconds. This custom software design required extensive field testing as well as a 7 month design and development period.

“We created Grassp to provide a safer, more convenient path between discerning patients and the highest quality medical cannabis products available. There is no need to drive anywhere for it anymore, our on-demand technology gives qualified patients, doctors, and service providers the connectivity and accessibility they need, whenever they need it. As long as you have a doctor’s recommendation, our revolutionary cross device platform puts the power in your hands.”                        – David Johnson / CEO & Founder

Grassp: Logistics Platform
Building an Uber-like technology is not easy. Since there are many regulations around MMJ, it was much more difficult for this specific industry. We designed and developed a responsive web based application that is downloadable to all smartphones. For users, placing an order is as easy as 1,2,3.  We also built the key component of the platform making Grassp unique. Grassp Driver application receives all order requests instantly, it draws navigation to the delivery location and connects the patient with the Grassp Pre-ICO Dispensary Service Provider immediately.

As a patient and a consumer, you know what you are looking for and when you need it. We help you Grassp it. We hope you will agree that Grassp is the safest, most convenient way of acquiring your medically recommended cannabis products.

Thunderbolt built the entirety of Grassp’s  technologies.
Grassp has raised $1.5M seed level investment via private investors.

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