CEO: Sergei Gojkovich ( Los Angeles, CA )
MVP Launch: January 2014

Curbstand has received $6.5M private and institutional investments. Curbstand is based in Los Angeles, and available in more than 750 locations nationwide. As of December 2017, Curbstand Valet Operations have parked 1 million cars.


Application Concept :

CEO – Sergei Gojkovich : (August 2015)

Curbstand introduces a modern payment and specialty services platform for the valet and parking industries. The consumer app harnesses the power of smartphone technology to create a seamless, cashless concierge-style valet experience for users to find and pay for parking, and for businesses and valet companies to better manage their parking operations.

The First On-Demand Valet SaaS Startup.

Curbstand is designed specifically for the needs of valet operators and for the purpose of digitalization of the valet industry. It is essential in valet industry that the business is based on cash transactions which prevents tax agencies and valet operators to track the payments.

Our solution allows valet companies to be aligned with the most recent improvements in technology.

Designed by Tolga Onuk & Built by Thunderbolt :

Founded by Owen DeVries, Moncef Abbou, Nicole Duncan and Tolga Onuk in October 2013, CurbStand is an investor-backed startup based in Los Angeles, California.

Technology Used :


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