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We Are Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt is a digital design, product development and marketing company that specializes in the creation of disruptive digital brands and software applications.The projects of Thunderbolt have attracted $8.5M Combined Seed Investments in the past years.

We are creative strategists, product designers and developers. We understand the business model, then we strategize the best way to implement an idea on a digital interface and develop a technology by using the latest web and mobile standards.

Partners & Clients

We have gained experience working with global corporations including Verizon Wireless, Beats By Dre (Acquired by Apple Computer Inc.), FoxSports, Alaska Airlines, Scopely, etc. We have reflected our experience and eye for creating strong branding while working with startup companies.

Our strategic, client-oriented approach ensures that we honor the creative vision without compromising on design or programming.

Brainstorming. Conceptualizing. Branding.

Whether it is digital brand creation, a digital/mobile application, or a brand platform, our team takes the project from idea to execution. We know that understanding business and branding is crucial, and our unique process allows us to work with you to improve strategy, concept development, and production.

We consistently deliver high caliber results for our clients by gaining a deep understanding of their needs and target market. From there, we implement a combination of insight-driven strategy and ideation with the highest levels of execution.

Strategizing. Designing. Developing.

Our expertise lies in creating the best user experience, flowing architecture, and stunning user interfaces. Our culture of collaboration keeps us motivated to create memorable digital experiences rather than mere products, resulting in a sustainable business.

We understand our client’s needs and we bring our expertise, creativity, and development power to build the best product possible.

User Acquisitions. Marketing. Growth Hacking.

Social Media growth and outreach takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Our team of marketers focus not only on the content that is being published, but  they also activate additional external channels where others can publish content about your product and brand.

Generating curiosity and buzz is part of what drives innovation. We make sure, your brand & digital presence maintains a steady growth and inbound traffic & leads.

Thunderbolt Centralized Stock Market.

Thunderbolt is building the world’s first private centralized stock market platform specially designed for early-stage software startups.

Thunderbolt Stock Market Platform will allow Investors to support newest digital technology startups and build their dream investment portfolios.

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Thunderbolt Centralized Private Stock Market Platform



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